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Tüm Bahanelerinizi Unutun: Instagram’ın En İlham Verici 15 Yoga – Fitness Hesabı

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“Her şeyin başı sağlık”, “Sağlık varlıktan yeğdir”, “Sağlam kafa, sağlam vücutta bulunur”. Sağlığın önemini anlatan yüzlerce yıllık ata sözlerimizden sadece birkaçı.  Sağlıklı olabilmek ve daha da önemlisi sağlıklı kalabilmek mevcut yaşam şartlarımızda oldukça zor. Sağlıksız beslenme, hareketsizlik, hava kirliliği, stres. Sağlığımızı tehdit eden bu kadar etken varken sağlıklı yaşama adım atabilmek şüphesiz herkes için önemli. Bu konuda iyi niyetli olduğunuzdan eminiz. Her hafta başı başlanılan diyetler, her yıl başında kayıt olunup gidilmeyen gymler, satın alınıp kullanılmayan yoga matları, pilates topları…JYoğunluk, yorgunluk, parasızlık, çoluk – çocuk, sıkılmak, fazla kilolarınız, yeteneksiz olduğunuzu düşünmeniz, başlayamama ya da devam edememe sebebiniz, bahaneniz ne olursa olsun, sizin için hazırladığımız Instagram’ın en ilginç, en popüler, en keyifli yoga – fitness hesaplarından oluşan listemizde kendinize uygun bir şeyler mutlaka bulacaksınız. Çünkü listemizde acro-yogadan fitnessa, bebek bekleyen anne adayı yogilerden bebekleriyle dahi rutininden vazgeçmeyen annelere, sağlıklı yaşamı hayatının merkezine koymuş hepsi aslında sizin, bizim gibi 15 Instagram fenomeniyle tanıştıracağız sizi. Kim bilir, hep niyetlendiğiniz gün belki bugündür, beklediğiniz o ilham belki bu listededir. İşte Instagram’dan sizler için derlediğimiz 15 yoga – fitness hesabı.

1. @kinoyoga

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There’s a lesson in everything if you look deep enough for it. Even and especially the moments that seem the hardest can truly be transformational if you let your mind be flexible. Often I find that all I really need is to show up with an open heart and a receptive spirit. The less I know, the better. I don’t always get it right. In fact, I make loads of mistakes. But with a teachable mind I find it so much easier to ask for help when I truly need it. _ Yoga has taught me so much over the last 20 years of practice. I’ve been wanting to distill the wisdom of yoga into its core teaching. If I had to choose to define yoga it would be a path of peace. But along the way there are so many steps you need to take. It seems impossible to reduce a journey of countless steps to a snapshot of just a few. It would be almost cliché to say it’s about love, but it would not be wrong. So maybe it all boils down to what love really means to each of us. _ How about you? If you had to distill the core lesson of yoga, what would it be for you? Or, perhaps more personally, what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your practice? _ #practiceyogachangeyourworld #onebreathatatime Photo @ifilmyoga Filming for @omstarsofficial on Turks and Caicos for the next few days. Made it just in time for sunset @gracebayclub @wellxplored

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2. @yogaongaia

3. @dylanwerneryoga

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Are you happy or are you sad? These are the two most basic emotions, and as humans, we are subject to feeling both of them and essentially ruled by them. These two emotions control our lives, and every decision we make is based on the result of feeling good or feeling bad, either selfishly; we do something and it makes us feel happy, or altruistically; we do something for someone else that makes them feel good. . Life becomes a roller coaster of looking for the highs of being happy to avoid the lows of being sad. We also direct our lives based on these outcomes with short-term versus long-term happiness. We will often sacrifice short-term happiness like struggling at a job or going to through schooling or training if we know that the outcome will bring us greater joy in the long run. Conversely, we do things for instant gratification, like eating something that’s delicious but we know it is unhealthy or smoking even though we know that it could cause cancer and early death. . When I feel happy, I might say happiness is a choice and for the most part, it is, based on how I choose to prescive life and the situations it gives me, yet sometimes I still find myself being sad no matter how much I want to choose to be happy. So is it really a choice like we like to say? The best we can hope for in the sad times is clarity. For the top of every wave, there is a bottom. As we progress down this journey called life, there is a constant oscillation of change as we rise and fall with the passing waves. We work to live a life where we aren’t on the bottom so often but when we are, if we can maintain a clear mind, and a clear heart, even the bottom of the waves will still reflect the light. . May we always see the light my friends. . @icreatelife_

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4. @aloyoga

5. @alexajeanfitness

6. @yellabella

7. @amandabisk

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8. @beachyogagirl

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Do you struggle with this pose? Do you usually face away from the wall and use it for “just in case”? ⠀ Try this method instead: ⠀ 1. Measure “leg length” distance from the wall. 2. Place elbows down and clasp the hands to help with elbows wanting to slide wider than shoulder width. 3. Step up onto the wall no higher than parallel to the floor. 4. Lift the other leg up to know what straight alignment “feels” like. 5. Avoid arching the back by keeping your foot anchored into the wall and ribs pulling in. 6. Switch legs and hold for a few breaths on each side. 7. Once you get stronger, try to take foot off the wall and lift without changing hip or shoulder position. ⠀ Practice this 3-4 times a week and you will be on your way to a perfect #pinchamayurasana! ⠀ Questions? Ask! What else do you want to see? ⠀ ⠀ beachyogagirl.com ⠀ #yoga

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9. @wearejared

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Living life is a major drama! Breakups, hiring, firing, births, deaths, miscommunications, abuse, romance, accidents, and the list goes on. Although heartache and anger and elation are real, our job is to stay focused, feel the complete emotional experience, don’t react, and then let it go. Each drama and trauma provides an opportunity to practice detachment. It’s easy to feel peace while meditating in the quiet of your sanctuary. But to find it when life becomes difficult is the real test! With practice you have the power to become invincible, so that no situation disturbs your peace. Treat every drama as a test to stay even, calm, and non-reactive. Breathing and staying relaxed in challenging yoga postures are like a mini test. Watch it! Staying in love is all that matters. Photo by @montystilson . . . 200hr Teacher Training Jan 3 – 14th 2019 @lighthouseyogaschool. . . . . Hot Yoga Festival in Mexico Nov 23 – 25: weekend of workshops in Köln Germany @hotyogakoeln .

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10. holly_bentleyyoga

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Oh #transformationtuesday. Some people talk about physical transformation, some about mental transformation. I can’t think of anything in my life that this little girl HASN’T transformed. The way I eat (quickly,) the way I sleep (not very well,) the way I think, act, my priorities, my ideas of happiness itself, and the way I think of myself. I used to be Holly, but now I’m Ellie’s Mom. Everything revolves around her and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every thought, every choice, every action, is either about her, or about how I can make myself be a better person FOR her. For all it’s difficulties, strains, and sacrifices parenthood is revelatory experience that you can’t truly understand until you experience it. You gain a dimension to yourself that would be inaccessible otherwise and I wouldn’t change the person she has made me for the world. . . Photos by @spencerbentley_creates

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11. nude_yogagirl

12. @sarahstage

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13. @mynameisjessamyn

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I very rarely practice in actual “yoga clothes”- kinda wild considering I’ve spent most of my life in a state of fear/panic over my naked body. I still get shy when I’m naked in front of mirrors- I tend to hold my body at random angles so I don’t have to look at it full-on. It’s a terrible habit but it’s a telltale symptom of my body shaming addiction. I’m especially judgmental of my breasts. They’ve always been saggy and I’ve battled shame over them since forever. I mean, the media always makes tits look so pert and shit. But what if something happens to mine one day. I mean, the odds seem to be pretty fucking high that something could definitely happen to them and/or the rest of my physical body. And I’m not getting any younger- what if these are the glory days with my breasts? I like to think that my tits and I will be together until I say so but bitch, please- I ain’t in charge of that. The odds might not be in my favor. So I’m going to love these droopy sacks as much as I can right now, do my best to check ’em regularly and try to stop thinking shitty thoughts bc good grief- life is short and I don’t need to waste mine by hating a body that’s more than a gift to me. Practicing mostly naked in my granny panties on the balcony of my Maryland hotel room after last week’s dope @towsoncsd event. The sun doesn’t give a fuck whether or not the photo is washed out and neither do I. At this point, my practice is a prayer and I am praying for all of us. If you are suffering and in need, please know that I am sending my prayer to you. #wildthingpose

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14. @acroyoga

15. @laurasykora

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